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Monika Mikac

CBO of QEV Technologies.

– Awarded as European Automotive Rising Stars
– RIMAC Automobili (COO)
– Raised 20M€ from EU Funds

Monika Mikac was awarded as one of the European Automotive Rising stars. She started her automotive career as the COO of Rimac Automobili. She helped the company grow from the first employee to 350 people, being one of the first five employees within the company meant covering different scopes of work from PR and marketing activities to financial and administrative responsibilities. She actively participated in the fundraising process and helped Rimac Automobili to close their first round in 2014 for 10M Euros and second round in 2017 of 30M Euros. She also raised 20M Euros from EU funds.

As the CBO of QEV Technologies, Monika is responsible for running the fundraising process and setting up the company for future growth. She has been actively involved in all of the projects the company was working on which gave her a chance to develop the strategic segments of the company’s business.

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